Soundwaves Gallery

Glory Music City! A symphony of faces, voices, sights and sounds, every Nashvillian contributes to the city’s unique character. One neighborhood is a collage of nostalgic neon and brick nestled against gleaming high-rises. Another is a quilt of parks, fields, creeks, lakes, hills, trails and trees. Some boast shops and boutiques, diners and bistros, and homes large and small. Neighborhoods are stitched together by the inspiring creativity of the people who call this city home, and who fill the seats of GEODIS Park with a glorious tapestry of NSC supporters from every walk of life.

The Soundwaves Gallery: Glory Music City is a unique exhibition curated by the Nashville Soccer Club in partnership with the Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville. This year’s gallery is a celebration of the unique identities of the neighborhoods in Nashville and surrounding areas. The exhibition includes 66 works by 47 Middle Tennessee artists hailing from a variety of neighborhoods in and around Music City, the home of the NSC. Artists were selected from a public call for art centered around personal connections to the neighborhoods that make Nashville what it is. The artworks on display are as diverse as their local creators in form, medium, and genre, and after stepping back, one can see how these parts come together in perfect harmony. 

More information about the artists can be found here.

NOTE: If you purchase a piece, the artwork will remain on display in the Soundwaves Gallery through the end of the 2024 Season. We will contact you at the conclusion of the season to make arrangements for pickup of your purchase. If you have any questions, contact us at

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