Neon Signs


Dimensions: 40 x 30
(H x W x D, inches)

Medium: Digital photography

Artist: Alvaro Hernandez

Neighborhood: Brentwood

In stock


This photo captures the iconic “Printers Alley This Way” neon sign. The allure of the neon signs from bars and streets is captivating, their vibrant hues creating a peculiar beauty in the night. Living in Nashville, I’ve come to see these neon lights as the metaphorical heart of the city. This image encapsulates the essence of discovery amid the iconic allure of downtown Nashville. Endlessly shining through the night, they symbolize the vibrant pulse that makes Nashville the lively staple it is. It’s more than just signs; it’s the radiant spirit that defines the soul of this city, and I’m fortunate to call it home.

NOTE: The artwork will remain on display in the Soundwaves Gallery through the end of the 2024 Season. We will contact you at the conclusion of the season to make arrangements for pickup of your purchase. If you have any questions, contact us at