Creative Advantage: Corporate Training Suite

Unlock your hidden competitive advantage — the creativity of your employees!

Creative Advantage: Corporate Training Suite, a program of the Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville, enhances your business’s competitive advantage by providing public & custom artistic-based workshops that build a more engaged, innovative, and productive workforce via the purposeful melding of art and business. Through music, visual, and performing arts-based classes, our facilitators engage employees in hands-on, creative experiences that teach tangible leadership skills for effective business growth. Attendees learn how to solve complex problems, collaborate with others, and improve communication across teams and the entire workplace.

Utilizing skills gained through improvisation, songwriting, visual arts, and more, Creative Advantage public and custom workshops address important business challenges such as:

  • Improv for Managers & Leaders
  • Innovation through Songwriting
  • Creative Communication & Storytelling

We also provide Creative Advantage workshops that include Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit for attorneys!

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Example Projects

Over 250 Southwest employees at a company-wide conference came together to participate in a songwriting exercise designed to improve communication; explore creative storytelling; and provide a fun, shared experience. Led by an expert facilitator and acclaimed songwriter, the workshop led Southwest employees through an innovative brainstorming process to develop lyrics and themes for a song that represents and reinforced Southwest’s values, company culture, and brand identity. By the end of the session, employees gathered together, played tambourines and other fun instruments while singing their newly-written song. The workshop closed out the Southwest conference with a strong commitment to community and camaraderie.

Team building through songwriting.

Employees work together to place tiles.

Pinnacle Financial Partners
Pinnacle Financial Partners held a series of events to celebrate a company merger and unite existing and new bank branches across the state. By working with an acclaimed local glass artisan, each Pinnacle branch team created a representative glass-tile mosaic. Employees cut, or choose pieces that were pre-cut, colorful glass tiles and placed them into a collaboratively-created design. After the event, the artist facilitator assembled the branches various designs into a singular piece, finished the piece in her kiln, and installed the final glass mosaic in Pinnacle’s Downtown Nashville headquarters office.

Baker Donelson & Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP
(pictured above) In this community service-based art project, attorneys from Baker Donelson and Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP partnered with a prolific visual artist to spend their lunch breaks beautifying and converting an old school bus into a functional, public bicycle rack. In addition to providing essential infrastructure for the community, the participants developed their leadership, creative problem solving, and communication skills while networking across firms and practice areas while enjoying their new roles as painters.


“Everyone was very impressed with [the instructor’s] facilitation, knowledge, and ability to relate the concepts to our everyday work.”
– Melinda M. Howard, formerly of St. Thomas Health

“Thank you so much for letting us participate in the Art project! We had the best time and have even talked to the [instructor] about coming to do a class for associates in Knoxville.”
– Cherri Knox Holloway, Pinnacle Financial Group

“We had a group of individuals in one room, painting. All pieces were necessary. When the day was through and we laid them all out together, you could see how each single square came together. In life, you are not always able to understand what part you play in ‘The Big Picture’ [but] with a little teamwork and a lot of concentration, the end result will be well worth the wait.”
– Randy Houston, First Tennessee Bank