Advocate for the Arts

Join the Arts & Business Council in advocating for the arts to make sure that our creative community has a seat at the table when civic decisions are made and ensure a vibrant cultural future for Greater Nashville.

What is arts advocacy? Arts advocacy is the active promotion of the arts by communicating the benefits and importance of the arts in our communities to your neighbors, co-workers, and legislators. Anyone can be an arts advocate!

5 Ways to Join ABC in Advocating for the Arts

  • Speak to your local community groups, like Rotary Clubs, PTAs, and school boards, about how the arts are changing lives.
  • Write to your legislator about issues affecting the arts.
  • Write to your local newspaper about how the arts benefit your community.
  • Invite people to participate in local arts events.
  • Join an arts advocacy group like Nashville Arts Coalition, North Nashville Arts Coalition, Tennesseans for the Arts, or Americans for the Arts (and don’t forget to buy a license plate!)

Specialty License Plates & Tennesseans for the Arts

One of the easiest things you can do to support the arts is to buy a specialty or personalized license plate!  Tennesseans for the Arts, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advocating for the arts in Tennessee, has more information about specialty license plates and how to advocate for the arts in your community. 



Nashville Symphony

Tennesseans for the Arts

Tennesseans for the Arts is a statewide arts advocacy organization that helps protect the arts in Tennessee. An important part of the mission of Tennesseans for the Arts is to support public funding for the arts across the state by promoting the work of the Tennessee Arts Commission and preserving the specialty license plate program. Learn more and join today.


Americans for the Arts

If you’re thinking of speaking with your legislators, check out Americans for the Arts, the nation’s leading nonprofit organization for advancing the arts. Among its advocacy programs is the Arts Action Fund, which aims to enlist and mobilize 100,000 citizen activists to help ensure that arts-friendly public policies are adopted at the Federal, state, and local levels.  Learn more and join here.