Fiscal Sponsorship

The Arts & Business Council is proud to be able to offer fiscal sponsorship to qualified arts projects and organizations that fit within our mission and may benefit from tax-exempt status and administrative support. Like an incubator for the creative sector, this program has launched several exciting Nashville-area projects.

Fiscal sponsorship through the Arts & Business Council provides structure for arts groups and individual artist projects that do not want (or are not ready) to become tax-exempt nonprofit organizations. We make it possible for groups to receive tax-deductible grants and donations as they grow. Sponsored projects must be arts-related, fit with the mission of the Arts & Business Council, and be based in or producing work in Tennessee.

Want to learn more about fiscal sponsorship, or see if you qualify? Read through our fiscal sponsorship FAQs.

All donations made to these projects through the Arts & Business Council’s Fiscal Sponsorship program are completely tax-deductible. You can support any of these projects by sending a check to the Arts & Business Council offices at 1900 Belmont Blvd., Nashville, TN 37212, noting the project in the memo line; or by donating online through the links below.

Our current projects:

An interdisciplinary collaborative that develops thought-provoking ideas and perspectives, and provides a platform of support to creatives who seek to positively impact the community.

Inspired by its Latin name meaning “to elevate”, the mission of Elevare is to explore the diverse depths of sacred choral repertoire in performances that exhibit the highest musical quality for audiences throughout the Mid-South region.

A non-traditional group show featuring over one hundred of Nashville’s most influential artists, musicians, and creatives, with proceeds benefitting Renewal House.

Fashioned to Flourish
Fashioned to Flourish is a social media campaign designed to uplift and celebrate the livelihood of BIPOC through poetry and photography.

Free Fyre
Free Fyre rekindles the mind & spirit to move the body through creative workshops, keynote speaking, & the performing arts. We provide these transformative experiences for individuals, teams, and organizations.

Genesis Community Arts Center
Genesis enhances creativity and camaraderie by supporting and mentoring young, underprivileged artists in the Nashville area, while also promoting widespread self expression and appreciation in any medium.

Kennie Playhouse Theatre
Kennie Playhouse Theatre creates a platform that gives the underserved African American acting community an opportunity to perform for a diverse audience.

Kindling Arts Festival
A radically unique arts incubator and accelerator, Kindling embraces exciting original and experimental performance, and showcases interdisciplinary collaborations in surprising spaces, defying genre and cultivating authentic new aesthetics.

Nashville Made
The mission of Nashville Made is to support locally made goods, especially through urban manufacturing.

Nashville's FLAVA!
Nashville’s FLAVA aims to help the restaurant industry dig out of and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic by bringing awareness to and reviewing Nashville’s amazing eateries through a fun, engaging, and community-led television program.

Paid 2 Play Artist Development Program
Paid 2 Play Artist Development Program helps artists build a professional live production while giving them a platform to execute it so that they can be in a position to negotiate getting paid for their art. 

Pikes Project
Pikes Project spotlights the overlooked beauty along Nashville’s historic “Pikes” while engaging diverse communities in dynamic neighborhoods with creative placemaking, empowering neighbors to charge public spaces with their own creativity.

Reverie - The Voyage of Dreams
Reverie – The Voyage of Dreams, a Take Flight Production, is dedicated to promoting the Nashville Arts Community through performance and education. This project highlights local artists, performers, and businesses to bring back the magic of live performances and provide new revenue streams for struggling artists.

Tunes for Kidz
The mission of Tunes for Kidz is to provide children from every background with musical instruments by taking donated instruments not in use anymore and matching them to kids in need.

Underground Music Collective (UMC)
UMC is is a robust, global multimedia platform that provides an outlet for musicians and industry professionals to share their talents, stories, and the lessons they’ve learned along the creative journey.

Victim No More
Victim No More is a film project with a mission to increase community education and awareness about child sexual abuse, particularly in the family and in the Black church, and to offer encouragement for survivors’ healing. 

Woven Theatre Company
Woven Theatre Company charges itself to be unashamed, audacious, fearless, rebellious, gritty, authentic, current, and queer. Woven Theater Company seeks to be a haven in which artists can creatively and boldly explore their unique voices and tell the stories that drive them.


Your Song
Your Song is a collaborative songwriting program that connects performing arts centers, musicians, and artists with vulnerable communities to promote healing and community connectedness.