Fiscal Sponsorship

The Arts & Business Council is proud to be able to offer fiscal sponsorship to qualified arts projects and organizations that fit within our mission and may benefit from tax-exempt status and administrative support. Like an incubator for the creative sector, this program has launched several exciting Nashville-area projects.

Fiscal sponsorship through the Arts & Business Council provides structure for arts groups and individual artist projects that do not want (or are not ready) to become tax-exempt nonprofit organizations. We make it possible for groups to receive tax-deductible grants and donations as they grow. Sponsored projects must be arts-related, fit with the mission of the Arts & Business Council, and be based in or producing work in Tennessee.

Want to learn more about fiscal sponsorship, or see if you qualify? Read through our fiscal sponsorship FAQs.

All donations made to these projects through the Arts & Business Council’s Fiscal Sponsorship program are completely tax-deductible. You can support any of these projects by sending a check to the Arts & Business Council offices at 1900 Belmont Blvd., Nashville, TN 37212, noting the project in the memo line; or by donating online through our website.

Support a Fiscally Sponsored Project

Our current projects:

Comeback Evolution

Comeback Evolution will be a feature length documentary on the life and work of Walter Delbridge, with additional collaborative music and poetry activations.


An interdisciplinary collaborative that develops thought provoking ideas and perspectives, and provides a platform of support, facilitation, and funding assistance to creatives who seek to positively impact the community.


A non-traditional group show featuring over 100 of Nashville’s most influential artists, musicians, and creatives, with proceeds benefitting Renewal House.

FIX Rock Opera

FIX (What’s Your Monkey) combines modern dance, drama, comedy, and rock & roll into a powerful, transformational performance that deals with issues of addiction, recovery and relationships.

HerStory Cinephilia Society

HerStory Cinephilia Society empowers past, present and future generations of artists currently underrepresented in front of and behind the camera, especially by presenting films created from a woman’s point of view.

Immersion Retreat

Immersion Retreat classes and workshops to help and inspire women in distress, to rebuild their lives and achieve empowerment, and to renew personal peace and harmony through art, music, and nature.

Kennie Playhouse Theatre

Kennie Playhouse Theatre creates a platform that gives the underserved African American acting community an opportunity to perform for a diverse audience.

Kindling Arts Festival

A radically unique arts incubator and accelerator, Kindling Arts embraces exciting original and experimental performance, and will showcase interdisciplinary collaborations in surprising spaces, defying genre and cultivating authentic new aesthetics.

The Missing Link

Through an original symphonic performance created and produced by Oscar nominee and six time Emmy winner Chris Boardman, The Missing Link will use the power of music and storytelling to build an emotional bridge between PTSD sufferers and the general public.

Nashville Design Week

Nashville Design Week is a week-long, city-wide series of interdisciplinary programs and events to unite the design community, promote collaboration and idea sharing, engage the public, and elevate the impact of Nashville’s design economy.

Nashville Made

The mission of Nashville Made is to support locally made goods, especially through urban manufacturing.


The Nashville Music Video Festival will celebrate the art of the music video, and expose Nashville to an innovative medium to hear new creative voices by combining music and film from an international selection of filmmakers and musicians.

Open Streets Nashville

Open Streets is a movement to activate people, strengthen businesses and inspire public spaces by temporarily closing streets to cars. Free to the public, the event converts streets into park space that connects diverse portions of the city and offers communities the opportunity to experience their city streets in a whole new way.


Through instruction on technology, creativity, self esteem and entrepreneurship, Shelectricity gives voice to the girls that would not otherwise have the space to cultivate and express their ideas and helps them understand their own power to create the future for themselves and the world.

Voyage of Adventure

Beginning with the documentary produced by WNPT, “Voyage of Adventure Retracing Donelson’s Journey,” this new photography exhibit and companion book will be based on the travels of John Guider while retracing the voyage of John Donelson, one of the founders of Nashville.

World AfriCultural Community Project

Through multi-sensory arts presentations, the World AfriCultural Community Project highlights, educates on and celebrates the positive aspects of the people, places, histories, and influences of Africa, as it exists on the continent and around the world.

Young Visionary Academy of Art

The Young Visionary Academy of Art’s purpose is to elevate the youth in Memphis by means of art, education, technology, and community service.