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Mini Golf Blog Series Part 5: Wm & Sascha Kooienga

How did you come to get involved with this project? Max Goldberg, son Jesse’s boss at Pinewood, and Sascha’s haircut client, asked us to participate.   How would you describe your artistic style? Free-form sculpture, sensuous lines, smooth surfaces, beautiful natural materials, mostly wood and stone.   Please describe your vision for this project. Bank… Read more »

Mini-Golf Blog Series Part 3: Jairo

How did you come to get involved with this project? Lauren Snelling at OZ Arts contacted me about participating.   How would you describe your artistic style? That is a loaded question!  I have been exploring materials and techniques for a long time, studying styles from representational to abstract. Over the past ten years, the… Read more »

Mini-Golf Blog Series Part 2: Brian Greif

How did you come to get involved with this project?  I had lived in Nashville before (twice).  I began working with street artists in 2008.  Each time I worked on a mural or exhibit I thought “This is something that should be in Nashville”  I moved back to Nashville from San Francisco in early 2014… Read more »

Announcing the 2017 Class of Periscope: Artist Entrepreneur Training

The Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville is excited to announce its Periscope: Artist Entrepreneur Training Class of 2017. Comprised of promising artists of varying disciplines, Periscope is a dynamic, year round professional development opportunity that helps accomplished artists take their careers to the next level of sustainability and growth by looking at their… Read more »

Basic Financial Management for Your Creative Business

Written by: Maricel Tabalba Even as you devote your energies to the creative and inspirational aspects of your organization, it’s crucial that you keep an eye on financial matters. Looking toward the future, it’s important to use your money to grow your enterprise and set yourself up for success in the years to come. There… Read more »

Help ABC get to the next bracket in the BFG Fundraising Tournament!

ATTENTION ABC FAMILY! We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve been selected to participate in a fundraising tournament called Brackets For Good! This is the only sport for nonprofits and now it’s time to rally our supporters so they can make a huge impact on the Arts and Business Council in 2017! Our first round of tournament gets… Read more »