ABC Welcomes Two New Team Members

The Arts & Business Council has welcomed two new members to our growing staff! Synthia Hogan has taken the reins as the Development Coordinator, and Darrius Hall is hitting the ground running as our new Marketing Coordinator. We’re excited to have these two incredibly talented individuals on board, lending their skills to help the Nashville creative business community thrive. Welcome, Synthia and Darrius!

Synthia Hogan is Nashville native who always has her heart set on helping others. She began her journey in the nonprofit sector as an AmeriCorps Member at Bridges, USA in Memphis, TN. There she worked as a Teen Learning Lab Specialist coordinating interdisciplinary programming for youth at the Cloud901 Teen Learning Lab. Her passion for film led her back to Nashville, TN, and she worked in the local film & entertainment industry. She wondered how she could broaden her support for artists, recognizing challenges in the creative industry. She collaborated with local creative collectives, Soul’d and Cinemania Circle, to host Beyond the Set (BTS): Panel Discussion and Mixer. Now she is ready to share her passion with the Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville.

In the vibrant tapestry of Nashville, Tennessee, Darrius “Artist” Hall emerges as a dynamic force—a multidisciplinary visual artist, educator, and organizer whose work transcends canvas to speak to the very soul of the human experience.

His art is more than a mere expression; he breathes life into his community, weaving a dynamic tapestry that transcends the canvas. His creations are not confined to frames; they spill over into the very lifestyle he cultivates for himself and others. Each stroke of his brush is a brushstroke on the canvas of life, creating a living masterpiece that echoes with authenticity.

At the crossroads of socio-economic identity, geopolitics, and modern-day activism, Darrius stands as a fierce champion of independent thought. His work serves as a visual manifesto, a bold proclamation that challenges, provokes, and invites contemplation.

For Darrius, art is not just a canvas; it’s a therapeutic modality, a sacred space where freedom and independence intertwine. Through a process-oriented approach, he channels passion into every creation, inviting viewers to share in the cathartic experience and discover their own intrinsic ability to be free.

Embedded in Darrius’s work is a profound philosophy—FREEDOM THROUGH ART. His aspiration is clear: to communicate to his audience that unique and intrinsic ability to break free from societal constraints, to transcend limitations through the universal language of creativity.

Darrius “Artist” Hall invites you on a journey, an odyssey that transcends boundaries, challenges perceptions, and celebrates the liberating power of art. Step into his world, where every brushstroke is a testament to the human spirit’s resilience and its innate desire to soar free.