Weekend Arts Preview 9/18-9/20

Are you looking to finally get out of the house this weekend? Come out and experience some of Nashville’s most exciting events! From a unique lighting dance experience with EAMotion to  Cheekwood’s Fall Harvest, you are sure to be entertained!


TEMPO at Nashville Fairgrounds (in-person/drive in)
September 18 through September 22

Image Credit: EAMotion

ModFellows Art Gallery

Opening night for Mark Hobley & Marc Sandoval
“Under the Southern Influence”(in-person)
September 19

Channel to Channel

Frances Berry and Stacy Kiehl Collaborative Show: Opening Reception(in-person)
Reception, September 18 (ongoing through Oct. 31)

Tinney Contemporary

Rinna K. J. Schumacher (online/in-person by appointment only)
Ongoing through September

Belcourt Theatre

Drive-In: STOP MAKING SENSE(in-person/drive-in)
September 18

Drive-In: RAISING ARIZONA(in-person/drive-in)
September 19

Drive-In: SELENA(in-person/drive-in)
September 20

Plaza Mariachi

Gustavo Flores Mariachi Singer. Performances at 6:00 and 7:00 pm(in-person)
September 18

The Cosmic Collective(in-person)
September 19

Patrick Thomas(in-person)
September 19

Gustavo Guerrero Duo(in-person)
September 20

The Parthenon and Centennial Park Conservancy

Parthenon Architecture Tours (in-person)

Music in the Park: Songs and Stories from Centennial Park 1896 – 2020 (in-person)
Ongoing through Dec. 6

Women’s Suffrage: We Have A Vision: Nashville Women from the Centennial to Suffrage (in-person)
Ongoing through January 13, 2020

Jefferson Street Sound Museum

Tour the Jefferson Street Sound Museum (in-person)

The Porch

Online Writing Workshops (virtual)

Nashville Opera

40th Anniversary Season Announced
Available now

Poverty and the Arts
POVA 3D Gallery (virtual)
Ongoing through October 31


Cheekwood Harvest(in-person)
September 19 (ongoing through Nov. 1)

@home (virtual)
Ongoing through September 20

Dog Nights of Summer (in-person)
Ongoing through January 10, 2021

Chihuly Nights (in-person)
Thursdays – Sundays from 5 PM – 10 PM.

Harvest Wellness Classes (in-person)
September 19 (ongoing through Nov. 1)

Frist Art Museum

New Website Now Live

Jitish Kallat: Return to Sender (in-person)
Open through October 12

Mel Ziegler: Flag Exchange (in-person)
Open through October 12

The Nashville Flood: Ten Years Later (in-person)
Open through January 3, 2021

We Count: First-Time Voters (in-person)
Open through January 3, 2021

Terry Adkins: Our Sons and Daughters Ever on the Altar (in-person)
Open through January 10, 2021

Tennessee State Museum

HomeArtsRatified! Tennessee Women and the Right to Vote
Ratified! Tennessee Women and the Right to Vote (in-person)
Ongoing through March 28, 2021

David Lusk Gallery

Heed (in-person)
Now Open

Red Arrow Gallery

Through September 26

Julia Martin Gallery

Mark Mulroney: Family Values (in-person)
Through Sept 26


Defining Space – Group Show (virtual and in-person by appointment)

Paper Rocketpop – Alex Blau (virtual and in-person by appointment)

Chauvet Arts

Edible Dramas: Indulgent Art to Expose the Human Appetite(in-person by appointment)

Coming Up Next Week…

Facing North: Jefferson Street, Nashville (online)
Nashville Public Television
September 21

John Lewis: Good Trouble(online)
Tennessee Performing Arts Center
September 21

Ba de yah, dancing in September(online)
Tennessee Performing Arts Center
September 22

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