Trisha Peña Named Artist of the Week on The Nashville Sign

The Arts & Business Council, Blackbird Media, and F&M Bank have teamed up to present the Artist of the Week on The Nashville Sign. This week’s featured artist is Trisha Peña!

Trisha is a painter specializing in textured abstracts. She creates acrylic paintings on textured canvases, and also translates those prints to fashionable products like scarves, purses, high heels and swimsuits for women who like to stand out from the crowd.

A subset of her work is specifically dedicated to the stylish sports fan. For this collection called Team Spirit Reimaged, Trisha creates abstracts from the official colors of sports teams, and turns them into accessories for fans who want to wear something special outside of the usual logoed products. 

Trisha describes her body of work as “an original collection of emotions on canvas, appealing to the subjective passion of the viewer, textures of the spirit, and the music of the universe.”

She is a self-taught artist who came to visual art later in life by way of music, performing arts, and writing. She fell in love with the medium when she was experimenting with painting the walls of her house, which resulted in invigorating and sensual treatments, and her own version of faux finishes. She often says she cannot draw a straight line, which is what brought her to abstracts.

Trisha cites her influences as John Beckley, Gino Savarino, and Andy Morris, but emphasizes that her heart will always belong to Phil Ponder. She is also inspired by song titles and lyrics. She is very active on social media, especially Instagram, and can also be seen regularly at Nashville area art shows. Learn more at her website

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