Lindsy Davis Named Artist of the Week on The Nashville Sign

The Arts & Business Council, Blackbird Media, and F&M Bank have teamed up to present the Artist of the Week on The Nashville Sign. This week’s featured artist is Lindsy Davis!

Lindsy is a painter and sculptor known for her gesture and negative space work that pushes and pulls the eyes’ perception through Gestaltism. She has spent her career making her process as sustainable as possible by making her own paper, building and burning her tools, deriving her own pigments/ stains, and building her frames.

In her most recent work, she acknowledges that nostalgia, experience, perception and memory have a significant role in how the eye filters what the mind perceives. She says she is attempting to rebuild the feeling of comfort through repetition, rebuilding what comfort can be at a time when nothing feels comfortable.

“My works are immersive – paintings come off the wall, subtly blocked by the sculptures that force the viewer to walk around them, changing as the works on the wall change behind them. Moving as you move around them, the works have subtleties that can only be experienced through the natural and almost dogmatic urge we have to walk through, read through, go through any process to have an idea of understanding of what we are experiencing.”

Lindsy has shown internationally and was a National Parks Artist in Residence during their centennial year. She is featured in collections throughout the US, Canada and South Africa. She has worked with world renowned artists Ibrahim Miranda and William Kentridge, and is a recipient of the National Artist Relief Grant. She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts/ Tufts University in Boston Massachusetts in 2014. Lindsy was raised in northern New Jersey, and currently lives and works in Nashville, Tennessee where she is represented by The Red Arrow Gallery.

To see more of her portfolio, visit her website or follow her on instagram @lindsydavis_.

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