Fiscal Sponsorship Application

Step-By-Step Application Instructions

Please review the following steps carefully before applying. If you have any questions about our application process, please contact us at 615-460-8274 or

  • Study the FAQs and application materials. We hope that the answers to many of your questions are there.
  • If, after reviewing the materials in Step 1, you want to apply for fiscal sponsorship or have additional questions, please contact us at 615-460-8274 or We can answer your questions and help you determine if your project is a fit for our organization. We ask that you please do not submit an application without contacting us first.
  • Schedule a meeting with us to discuss your organization or project idea. 
It is to your benefit to schedule a meeting by phone, or in person, and submit a draft application and before we forward your final proposal to our selection committee. We can provide feedback that could improve your project’s chances for approval and address any questions you may have. While some of this can be done by email, we find that an in-person meeting helps you get a better understanding of our organization, and for us to get a better idea of your project and goals.
  • Download and review the Fiscal Sponsorship Application Questions, the Project Budget Template and Budget Template Instructions. Review these items to prepare your application and proposed budget before submitting them.
  • Once your application is in its final form, submit it through the online application form before one of the following deadlines: January 21, March 21, May 21, July 21, September 21, or November 21.
  • Make sure to pay your application fee. If the fee is not paid in advance of the deadline, your application cannot be reviewed by the selection committee.
  • The selection committee will approve or decline your application or request additional information. If your project is approved for fiscal sponsorship, we will notify you and send the fiscal sponsorship contract to review and sign. If the selection committee requests more information, your application will be reviewed again at the next deadline. If the selection committee declines your project, we will make every effort to refer you elsewhere or suggest a next step.
  • For approved projects: sign the fiscal sponsorship agreement and provide proof of insurance for your project. A representative from each project may be required to attend an orientation meeting/training within the first year of sponsorship.