No prior dance training required, movers of all abilities are welcome!

Designed to boost confidence, drive self-advocacy, and catalyze career momentum by…

  • Exploring the power of body language
  • Embodying an integrated sense of strength (from the inside-out)
  • Learning tools that use physicality to foster confidence, power, and resilience in your work environment and everyday life

The workshop will include…

  • Guided movement improvisation
  • Written reflection
  • Community discussion
  • An Enactor solo performance experience

Plus you’ll play an active role in developing Enactor Productions’ new workshop model by being a part of the creative conversation and constructive feedback process!

About Creative Advantage: Corporate Training Suite

Creative Advantage: Corporate Training Suite, a program of the Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville, enhances your business’s competitive advantage by providing public & custom artistic-based workshops that build a more engaged, innovative, and productive workforce via the purposeful melding of art and business. Through music, visual, and performing arts-based classes, our facilitators engage employees in hands-on, creative experiences that teach tangible leadership skills for effective business growth. Attendees learn how to solve complex problems, collaborate with others, and improve communication across teams and the entire workplace.

Utilizing skills gained through improvisation, songwriting, visual arts, and more, Creative Advantage public and custom workshops address important business challenges such as:

  • Improv for Managers & Leaders
  • Innovation through Songwriting
  • Creative Communication & Storytelling

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About Enactor Productions

Creating performances and movement workshops that use physicality to process life experiences and explore what it means to be a human being having a relationship with your body. Enactor Productions was founded by Becca Hoback, a freelance movement artist, performer, collaborator, and choreographer, based in Nashville, Tennessee.

About Becca Hoback

Becca developed Enactor Productions to create works that unpack what it means to be a human being having a relationship with your body. She worked with collaborators Ana Maria Lucaciu, Ben Green, Roy Assaf, and Ariel Freedman to curate the first Enactor performance program, which premiered at OZ Arts June 2021. She is passionate about promoting physical awareness, empathy, and empowerment through community workshops, and developed a workshop series entitled Body View. Through these efforts, she hopes to fuel participant’s physical curiosity and inspire artistic engagement. The solo work she has curated, collaborated on, and choreographed has been featured at OZ Arts Nashville, Istanbul Fringe Festival, SOLOCOREOGRAFICO’S Torino, Frankfurt, and Friedrichshafen dance showcases, SOLO Dance Ankara, Alter Ego International Theater Festival, Brussels Dance Contest, Arts on Site NYC, Kindling Arts, and Tennessee Women’s Theater Project.

In 2020, she received a Tennessee Arts Commission Individual Artist Fellowship for her solo work. She graduated from the Periscope Artist Entrepreneurship Program 2022 hosted by the Arts and Business Council of Greater Nashville, and received the “Pitch Perfect” award at the culmination of the program. Becca received the writer’s choice for “Best Movement Artist” in the Nashville Scene’s 2022 “Best of Nashville” awards. Becca received the audience award at SOLOCOREOGRAFICO Torino 2022 for her performance of Rendering. She has participated in the Metro Nashville Arts Commission’s THRIVE program as an awardee (2019) and project mentor (2022).

Becca is an active collaborator with local Nashville artists and regularly assists her colleagues creatively and administratively in launching their independent projects. Becca is a core collaborator on Clay Steakley’s multidisciplinary poetry project, The Fire Cycle. She is in collaboration with violinist Alicia Enstrom and filmmaker Grant Claire on a conceptual series of soundscapes and kaleidoscopic films entitled Primordial. She was a foundational collaborator, rehearsal director, and performer for PYDANCE’s creation of POOL + The Deep End process documentary, and is a collaborator in the company’s newest work (creative residency with Animata Arts + Metro Nashville Dance Division).

She has collaborated with choreographer Lenin Fernandez, modern opera director George R. Miller, and director Crystal Peattie’s The Haunted Ballet. She was the creative producer, rehearsal director, and a performer in David Flores’ PRISM, 2021. She was a founding member of New Dialect, featured in the company as a performer, outreach workshop team leader, community and company class teacher, and choreographic assistant to artistic director. She previously worked with Nashville Ballet 2 and Montgomery Ballet. Becca trained at North Carolina School of the Arts.