A practical guide to arts nonprofit leadership best practices for administrators, founders, and board members

In this 2-hour seminar, attendees will learn about nonprofit financial management, board development, and staff development. Attendees will learn the basics of nonprofit fundraising and development, storytelling, and what constitutes a healthy funding mix for their organizations. Everyone will receive a copy of “What Every Board Member Should Know” from the TN Attorney General’s Office’s guide to running a nonprofit in Tennessee.

Key learning objectives are:

  • Gaining a basic foundation in nonprofit financial management, basic accounting principles and best practices, fundraising and fund development
  • Learning effective strategies and best practices for the board and staff development.
  • An overview of funding options for nonprofits, including public and private funding, accounting and reporting requirements, and audit reporting requirements if awarded public funds.
  • Developing effective storytelling skills to convey an organization’s mission and purpose to the community, potential board members, staff, and donors.

Access to workshop materials: All attendees will receive a PDF of course materials, a copy of the TN Attorney General Office’s guide to running a nonprofit., and access to a recording of the webinar (for up to one year via a private link).

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The Basics of Running an Arts Nonprofit in Tennessee is the second webinar in a two-part webinar series, Arts Nonprofit Nuts & Bolts, generously supported by funding from the Tennessee Arts Commission. Register now for our first webinar in the series So, You Want to Start an Arts Nonprofit happening May 25!