Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville Assumes Management of Artober Nashville – Plans Thrilling Relaunch in 2024

In conjunction with the transition of to Visit Music City from the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, the Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville (ABC) eagerly assumed management of the long-standing Artober Nashville celebration. This transition signifies an exciting new chapter for the event, which has been a cornerstone of Nashville’s vibrant arts scene for over a decade.

Introduced in 2011, Artober Nashville has evolved into a signature event, celebrating the rich tapestry of arts and humanities in Nashville and Middle Tennessee. The celebration has showcased a diverse array of local artists, festivals, performances, galleries, museums, and more, captivating the hearts and minds of our community.

After years of successful collaboration and community engagement, the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee and officially passed the torch of the Artober Nashville program to ABC. This strategic move allows for an exciting period of growth, innovation, and expansion for the celebration, all under the capable stewardship of ABC.

ABC is committed to nurturing the intersection of arts and business in the Greater Nashville area. With a storied history of supporting creative initiatives and fostering collaborations between arts and businesses, ABC is ideally positioned to lead the next phase of Artober Nashville’s evolution.

As ABC embarks on this new journey, the organization has made the decision to postpone the plans for Artober Nashville in 2023. This brief hiatus will enable us to dedicate our efforts to planning and executing an extraordinary relaunch of the event in 2024.

We are confident that this interlude will pave the way for an even more remarkable and inclusive celebration of the arts. In the meantime, ABC encourages local arts organizations, artists, and community members to host arts events throughout October 2023 in celebration of Artober Nashville and National Arts & Humanities Month. We eagerly anticipate the formal return of Artober in 2024.

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