Art in Business -Why Should You Care?

When you bring the arts into the business world, there are unique opportunities to invest in the well being of employees and in their creative potential. Too often, the significance of creativity in a corporate environment is overlooked. Even when it is recognized, it’s often looked at as a business discipline, not be confused with painting or music making.

When my company, Kidbilly Music, works with corporate clients, we typically find participants who can relate to having been creative in their youth. Most people say they used to draw, act, play a musical instrument or write anxiety filled adolescent poetry! But most adults say that this aspect of their life has been left in the past, that they are no longer creative. This simply isn’t true. When we lead a creative session, helping business people to write songs and make music, it enables everyone to get back in touch with their innate creative abilities.

But why should you care?

Bringing the arts into the work place helps us better understand just how vital creativity is to success in business. Employers value team members who are problem solvers. And to solve a problem, you need to utilize creativity, to look for solutions (things) that aren’t already in place or readily apparent. Phrases like “thinking outside of the box” get thrown around like a tennis ball in the corporate world. However, companies often don’t give people the tools or time to pursue creativity or innovation, to think outside the box.

When you bring a songwriter, a story-teller or an artist into your company for a session, you’ll send a signal that you do care about problem solvers, innovators and creators. Working with an artist will show people what it is to create and to make something from nothing. This promotes the innovative thinking that makes for effective employees and vibrant companies.

Recognize the purpose and the value of creativity in your work life. Allowing your workforce to experience the connection between arts and business resurrects that creative child in all of us who used to see the world as a limitless expanse of opportunity. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your employees saw your company as a limitless expanse of opportunity?

You already have the creative talent you need on your team. So invest in the inspiration of those around you. You’ll find that your rate of return is (almost) beyond the reaches of your imagination.

Author: Billy Kirsch is a Grammy & Emmy nominated, CMA & ACM award winning hit-songwriter, keynote speaker and music team building facilitator. You can learn more about Team Building Through Song® at