ABC and TDH Announce Partnership on Calls for Art for Public Health Awareness Campaigns

Selected art will be used to promote Women’s Health, Breast & Lung Cancer Awareness

The Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville (ABC) and Tennessee Department of Health (TDH) are pleased to announce a new partnership employing artists in the creation of original works of art to support advocacy efforts around important health issues for all Tennesseans. In 2021, ABC and TDH will host two calls for art, the first in support of Women’s Health Week and the second in support of Breast and Lung Cancer Awareness Months. All Tennessee-based artists are invited to submit portfolios, especially artists with a personal connection to these health issues.

“Tennessee is fortunate to be home to both world-class healthcare and arts and culture assets,” said Jill McMillan Palm, Executive Director of the Arts & Business Council. “This creative partnership across sectors bridges art and science and demonstrates how creativity is an essential tool for solving complex problems including individual and community health and well-being.”

“Art has always been something I hold hand-in-hand with science.” said Dr. Tobi Amosun, Assistant Commissioner of Family Health & Wellness for the Tennessee Department of Health. “Artists and scientists both seem to live on a different plane of understanding the universe. No matter the discipline or genre, both science and art aim to create order in a chaotic world. During these ‘unprecedented times,’ don’t we need that more now than ever? My favorite groups of non-medical friends are often the ones who are artists, crafters, graphic designers, and musicians. Through this partnership, we will be able to celebrate the unique intersection of both art and science.”

The first Call for Art in support of Women’s Health Week is open now. Artists are invited to submit portfolios for consideration. From those submissions, a select group of artists will be invited to create proposals for art that explore themes of empowerment, self-care, prevention, awareness, and education regarding women’s health. Beginning on Mother’s Day, Women’s Health Week reminds women to make their own health and wellness a priority and to get regular health screenings. Artists selected to submit proposals will be awarded a stipend upon completion. One artist’s work will be selected and used in a statewide advocacy and awareness campaign for Women’s Health Week. The selected artist will be awarded an additional stipend upon the completion of the final artwork. A second Call for Art in support of Breast and Lung Cancer Awareness Months opens in March.

Artists are invited to attend an online information session on Monday, February 22 to learn more about these calls for art. Representatives from ABC and TDH will be on hand to answer questions and provide guidance. Interested artists should register for the information session at

For more information or to submit a portfolio, visit the submission portal.