Somehow It Seems So Still


Dimensions: 18″ x 24″

Medium: mixed media

Artist: Lisa Reed Preston

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This piece is part of a series of urban abstracts which explore texture and lines in acrylic, ink and conte crayon. While previous paintings in this series were more monochromatic, this was an opportunity to play with colors and contrast. When it was was done, there was a stillness in all the movement, and a nostalgic reminder of the introductory scene of the old Muppet Show when all the puppets are in their windows, singing. This was the inspiration for the augmented reality experience which begins with an original audio composition written and recorded by Josh Preston. The bouncy music and choral “oohs” make the rising 3D bubbles and dancing singing animated heads seem contagiously silly.

Download the app “Artvive” to your phone and point your camera to the painting to view the augmented reality animation and sounds.