“Protea” by Emily Leonard


“Protea” by Emily Leonard
Dimensions: 22 x 24 inches
Medium: Full color archival print on watercolor paper
Year Created: 2019
Artist Website: emilyleonard.com

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A practicing painter for over 20 years, Emily Leonard is known for sublime representations of landscapes and wildlife. Developed through a process of layering transparent glazes, gestural lines and emotive brushwork, her recent paintings transform botanical studies into meditative aesthetic experiences. Each layer plays a role in distilling the literal representation of her subject. Dense moments of movement and lavish intricacies hover delicately between abstraction and representation. Sweeping pastel hues generate a delicate balance of light and dark, transparency and opacity – unraveling rhythm and visceral essence of the plant. Leonard is inspired by the astonishing beauty and perpetual tenacity of flowers, returning year after year for a brief and vulnerable yet ecologically crucial lifespan.

Learn more about this artist at emilyleonard.com.

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Dimensions 22 × 24 in

Full color archival print on watercolor paper

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