Note to Self #1


Dimensions: 30″ x 40″

Medium: Mixed media, acrylic, spray, canvas

Artist: JaRel

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The NOTE series was an extension of my mental series REST, creating a reminder list in art form. I didn’t care if anyone ever saw these, or if they would like them. They reminded me to give a hug back to the universe. It was about music and sun shining in the Spring, and the waft of flowers rising the air like a surfer catching a wave. It was a reminder to my soul of what makes me happy. Listening to music and creating while the morning sun came through the window encompassed that for me. Note to self: sometimes this plane can be ugly, but it can be supremely beautiful and majestic. Take note of the majesty.

This project inspired the creation of 4 companion pieces, a series of Noteworthy minis, aka Quarter Notes, also available in the Soundwaves Gallery.

Noteworthy #1
Noteworthy #2
Noteworthy #3
Noteworthy #4