Mad Saffron


Dimensions: 14″ x 14″

Medium: acrylic on board

Artist: Joe Nolan

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This series of paintings was inspired during the depths of the pandemic when I spent time social distancing in natural spaces like parks, lakes, and my backyard garden. The formalist, Romantic paintings have palettes borrowed from flowers, trees, streams and skies, incorporating natural materials like hibiscus tea. Their compositions churn with energetic movement, drawing viewers into their painterly textures and conveying the transcendent vitality of the natural world. It’s a rhythmic re-shuffling of landscape painting. Medieval European football matches would find rival villages waging massive games on the farms and wild spaces between their enclaves. Soccer is still played in expansive green spaces, during “seasons” which tick past in the rhythm of the days across the sky. Soccer, the game, moves in waves like wind on land.