“Look on the Bright Side” by Hope Cassity


“Look on the Bright Side” by Hope Cassity
Dimensions: 18 x 24 inches
Medium: Mixed media
Year Created: 2020
Artist Website: www.facebook.com/hopecassitytours/

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From the “Neon Nights” Series.

It’s no coincidence that Hope Cassity’s first name is usually associated with words like belief, optimism, faith, and love. Those are the very principles that have gotten her through the last 18 months. Jan 24, 2018 she was diagnosed with a rare form of ovarian cancer that occurs in only 1% of women her age. While her peers spent the first half of 18′ touring, she’s spent the last year fighting boldly and bravely in a battle she never dreamed she would face. One that seemed equally as impossible as it has been for her to keep on pushing forward through highs and lows of living as songwriter. Ironically, Cassity heard news of her first major radio release to commercial outlets exactly one week before her diagnosis. Finally a taste of validation yet it was promptly served with a large dose of reality.

People appreciate her candor, her raw emotion and her journey documented through her music. With a new lease on life and regaining her physical energy, Cassity has learned that it’s not how many times you get knocked down, it’s about having the courage to get back up. Now a sought after inspirational speaker, songwriting teacher and an in demand acrylic impasto artist/instructor she once again is touring the southeast with her musical and artistic offerings.