Dimensions: 32″ x 30″ x 12″

Medium: acrylic

Artist: Andrés Bustamante

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Nashville was built by immigrants
like you and I.

I remember Nolensville Road.
What it’s been like growing up in this corridor with its diverse languages, cuisines, and smiles.
I remember what Nashvillle was like before it was an “it” city.
When no one blinked an eye for this place and the plea of our immigrant and refugee Sisters and Brothers fell on deaf ears.

“Nuestras voces se escuchan, y estamos aqui para quedarnos porque este es nuestro hogar.”

“Our voices are heard and we are here to stay because this is our home”

Can you hear our voices now?

We’re growing now.
We’re evolving.
We built this city.
We are seeds.
Watch us flourish.