Non-fungible tokens (or NFTs) are unique blockchain-based tokens that can incorporate almost anything, including game items, crypto-collectible art and entertainment-related assets. NFTs have been growing significantly in popularity in recent years because of this potential to “tokenize” anything and provide a way to transfer ownership of digital assets to holders. This experienced panel in various NFT transactions will discuss the basic technical, business and legal aspects of NFTs and what this phenomenon means for the art and entertainment industries.


Kirk T. Schroder, Esq., Partner, Schroder Brooks Law Firm


Natalie Brede, CEO of GCM Inc. – NFT curation and project management

Will Lewis, Esq., Of Counsel, Schroder Brooks Law Firm

Kent Marcus, Esq., Marcus & Colvin LLP

Edwin McCain, singer-songwriter, Principal, WLM Group LLC

Rick Wells, Principal, WLM Group LLC

This course has been submitted for approval by the Tennessee Commission on Continuing Legal Education for a maximum of two (2) hours of general credit.