Get your questions answered about the Periscope application process and what to expect from the program.

About this event

Are you an artist interested in building a creative business? If so, Periscope: Artist Entrepreneur Training can help!

Periscope is a year-long intensive training opportunity from the Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville that empowers working artists to see their vision through an entrepreneurial lens. Led by knowledgeable advisors, along with break-out sessions facilitated with some of Nashville’s top arts professionals, Periscope is designed to be a transformative experience for each artist, sparking the moment when their career will really start to take off.

At this information session, we’ll cover the following items:

  • What is Periscope?
  • Who can apply for Periscope?
  • What should you expect from Periscope?
  • Periscope application timeline and process
  • Attendance requirements
  • Success stories
  • Q&A

We look forward to sharing information about this exciting artist entrepreneur training opportunity with you!