Learn how freelance artists, musicians & creatives can qualify to purchase a home and gain more creative freedom through homeownership!

About this Event

Why own your own home? Outside of the obvious of simply having a place to call your own, you may not realize that owning a home can actually increase your wealth over time. In this hour-long webinar, creative entrepreneur and Realtor Jacob Jones shares how homeownership can put you on a faster track to the level of financial freedom that will allow you to pursue the creative projects that you want.

Jacob is joined by Erin Anderson of Olivia Management, whose mission is to help artists and creatives become better business people. Erin will share how you can grow and thrive in your creative career by understanding the numbers. Then, Forrest Hewes of Community Mortgage will join the conversation to dispel the myth that getting a home loan is impossible if you don’t have a standard 9-5. It’s actually easier than you think, and Forrest will share a couple of major items to check off before getting qualified for your first mortgage.

Owning a home has always been a part of the “American Dream,” because homeownership builds wealth and provides increased financial freedom. Join us to learn how you can qualify to purchase your first home and begin building a future with the creative freedom to pursue the work you love.