How to be present, adapt, and lose the fear

Stay Present. Be in the Moment.

We’ve all heard this advice. We’ve heard the benefits: increase focus & energy, reduce stress & emotional exhaustion, boost your memory, and enhance your adaptability. Be a better – and more efficient – listener. Collaborate effectively with your team.

So how do we move this from mantra to action?

Improvisation can only happen by being in the moment. It’s an embodied practice that will get these lessons in your bones. Improvisers learn to juggle dozens of pieces of information at once while creating a character and relationship on the fly—and they know they can only do so by staying present and listening. Engaging with this art form will help you develop instinctive positivity, openness, and trust. Teams that foster the “Yes, And” ethos develop a climate of empathy and connection. They learn to release judgment of self and others in order to be fully present and responsive in the moment.

In this 3-hour introductory workshop, we will explore the methods and mindsets you can use to promote collective success within yourself and your team: deep listening, self-awareness, collaboration, and the adaptive instinct. This is your safe space to practice these skills, to experiment, try, fail, and grow—then take these skills back to work as a more empowered teammate and leader.

About Creative Advantage: Corporate Training Suite

Creative Advantage: Corporate Training Suite, a program of the Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville, enhances your business’s competitive advantage by providing public & custom artistic-based workshops that build a more engaged, innovative, and productive workforce via the purposeful melding of art and business. Through music, visual, and performing arts-based classes, our facilitators engage employees in hands-on, creative experiences that teach tangible leadership skills for effective business growth. Attendees learn how to solve complex problems, collaborate with others, and improve communication across teams and the entire workplace.

Utilizing skills gained through improvisation, songwriting, visual arts, and more, Creative Advantage public and custom workshops address important business challenges such as:

  • Improv for Managers & Leaders
  • Innovation through Songwriting
  • Creative Communication & Storytelling

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